REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF HEALTH Izmir Provincial Health Directorate Çeşme State Hospital


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Visitor and Companion Rules

Updated: 12/09/2018

Visitor and Companion Rules

Updated: 16/03/2018


· Patients visit our clinic every day between 13: 00-14: 00, 18: 00-20: 00.

· The health of our patients and their treatment are not accepted as food.

· Families are informed about the fact that children under the age of 12 are not visiting patients because of the risk of infection in our hospital and the psychological adverse effects of children.

· Do not sit in patient beds if you do not use patient-owned equipment to prevent infection.

· Wash hands before and after visit.

· During the treatment and examination procedures of our patients, it is expected that they will take care of patient privacy by leaving the room.

· We are asked not to insist on a visit if the visit of our patients has been forbidden by the physician for medical reasons.

· Grounded flowers are not accepted in patient rooms in order to protect our patients from infection.

· It is strictly forbidden for our visitors to smoke in the hospital.

· Do not make noise, do not speak loudly.

· Do not touch medical devices belonging to the patient.

· Control of compliance with patient visit guidelines, service staff, hospital security officer, guard officer control.

· In the presence of infectious diseases such as colds and colds, patient visit is disadvantageous.

· In certain units (such as palliative, newborn, pediatric, infectious) visits can be made with the permission of the relevant physician instead of fixed days and hours determined for the visit. .


· Proper conditions have been established for the stay of the escorts in our hospital.

· Your doctor will inform you about whether you need a companion.

· Accompanies are expected to comply with all the rules of our hospital.

· Accompanying persons are expected to help patients only to the extent permitted by the physician and nurse.

· It is forbidden for the companion to be in any practice other than the knowledge of the doctors and nurses in terms of the safety of the patient.

· Comply with nursing education guidelines (hand hygiene, falling risk education)

· The nurse should inform the patient in case of separation from his / her patient and changes in the attendant. The companion will wear the collar.

· In order to provide you and your hospital with a peaceful environment, you should not make loud noise or make noise in the patient room and service corridors. Also the televisions in your rooms are uncomfortable for others

           it must be used as it does not.

· The service nurses will be informed about the changes of the companion.

           Accompanying persons will not leave the hospital or change their bed, except for the relevant physician or nurse.

· Accompanies, doctors, or nurses will not have any intervention, food, or drink without consulting the patient.

· Accompanies do not use tobacco and alcohol in the hospital.